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Providing group fitness since 2007.

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New? Get 2 weeks for $39

• Get the full OCF experience for 2 weeks

• Enjoy full access to our full schedule of group classes at our convenient Carbondale studio

• No commitment required and no sign-up fee

• Former members please select an option on our passes page


Our Location

Located in Carbondale, an easy drive on Hwy 75! Our members come from Carbondale, Topeka, Auburn, Osage City, Scranton, Burlingame, Overbrook, Lyndon, Pomona, and Michigan Valley.

119 Main | Carbondale, KS 66414

The OCF Experience

At Osage County Fitness, we strive to provide a space where everyone feels accepted, seen, empowered, safe, and supported. We are here to motivate you! We hope our studio feels like a warm and welcoming space, no matter where you are on your journey.

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Our classes utilize a variety of movements to tighten and tone the entire body, while minimizing risk for injury. Whether you’re an olympic athlete, expecting mother, a stay-at-home-mom needing some "me" time, or a feel-good enthusiast, our 45-55 minute workouts are a proven method to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

group fitness class


We got bored with just one format, so we switched things up. And our members love the variety. There is no right pace; do what works for you. Weights or no weights. Mat, standing, or grab a chair! Our members leave every class feeling fitter, healthier, stronger, and stoked to come back for more. Get signed up today and see why they love it.

What Our
Members Say

"Felt welcomed with open arms as soon as I walked in! The class kicked my rear, but it was exactly what I needed! And, so much fun! Can't wait to go back!"

group fitness class

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