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New Age Kempo Karate

We offer both group and private lessons. Reach out with questions! New? Fill out our waiver please.

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Current Offerings

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Youth Group Karate/Self-Defense

Students learn self-control, discipline, self-defense, how to face and overcome fear, they gain confidence, enhance their concentration, coordination, and so much more. If your child struggles with any of these, it's the perfect class for them.

Ages: 6-16

Class length: 45 minutes

Class meets: Tuesdays 7pm and Saturdays 10am

Cost: $80/month or $15 drop-in*25% discount on additional family member(s)

What to wear: Sweat pants/leggings, t-shirt, socks

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MMA Body Blast

A comprehensive fusion of cardio, strength training, boxing, and self-defense techniques. This high-energy class is designed to elevate your heart rate, build lean muscle, and equip you with practical self-defense skills. Guided by our expert triple black belt instructor, you'll master the art of boxing and delve into the strategic world of Mixed Martial Arts. Body Blast isn't just a workout, it's an empowering experience that boosts your fitness, strength, and confidence. 

Ages: 16+

Class length: 60 minutes

Class meets: Tuesdays 5:30pm and Saturdays 9am

Cost: $10 drop-in or choose one of our passes here. This class is included in our group fitness pass.

What to wear: Sweat pants/leggings, t-shirt, socks

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Private Lessons

We offer private one-on-one lessons or group lessons for anyone just starting out, is shy around groups, would like to work on their confidence first, or just prefers solo! We'll work on strength training, kickboxing, and tweak the sessions to fit your interests.

Ages: 6+

Class length: up to 60 minutes 1-2x a week. You'll work out a date/time with our instructor Nadia.

Pricing: See below. Session packages are paid up-front and are non-refundable. We can invoice individuals on one person in the group. Let us know what works!

What to wear: Sweat pants/leggings, t-shirt, socks

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Judo Belts

We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm and support from all our young karate enthusiasts. However, to maintain a safe and focused learning environment during classes, we kindly request only the children enrolled in the class to be present (adults welcome to sit and watch). We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Meet Your Instructor

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3rd Degree Blackbelt Hawaiian Kempo

1st Degree Blackbelt Okinawan Kempo

Fitness Enthusiast

Nadia has been studying Martial Arts for over 12 years actively and is a former competitor. She lives in Topeka with her husband.

Nadia has taught a variety of age groups, genders, and levels of traditional martial arts, including:

  • Children ages 5-16 karate

  • Adult advanced kumite “sparring”

  • Work with athletes post-injury, after finishing their PT

  • Strength training

  • Proper recovery for competitor post practices

  • Tactical defense vs. variety of attacks

  • Women's self-defense program

  • Kickboxing

  • Teaches group classes or individual one-on-one

Nadia Nixon

Photo by Nathan Ham Photography

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