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So glad to have you! We're a fun group;

we believe in making exercise fun.  Can you tell?

Each of us brings something different to the table. And you, the newest member of our fitness family, will benefit from that. We're here to make you great! 

Also, our members are super kind. Really the best group around. You'll make so many new friends, don't put this off! 


Some Tips

Workout at your own pace.

You'll quickly see everyone works at their own pace. We have a variety of ages and fitness levels, so do what you can and workout at your own pace. We have a variety of options for you. Start slow, but you'll get there. The important point is that you start!

Aim for 3-4x a week.

Pencil in classes (after you book them on our app) and get yourself to class 3-4x a week. You're more likely to make a habit out of it if you do. A new addiction that will serve your body well.

Where to go.

119 Main in Carbondale. Blue building. We park along the sides and back of our building. Come in the back door. Usually ten or so minutes before class starts. Here's a photo of it.

What to wear.

Supportive tennis shoes. Please, no street shoes. We remove those at the door. Lightweight workout clothing. Most wear yoga pants/capris and tanks. Don't forget your water!

New Member Trial



Q. Do you have equipment I can borrow?

A. We sure do! Just bring a water bottle and wear comfy clothes/shoes and we'll get you started!

Q. Do you have contracts or sign up fees?

A. No and no. We're pretty flexible. We know life happens, or maybe you're lucky enough to go south for the winter. Just let us know, we'll put you on hold.

Q. Are your classes entry level? I haven't exercised in years. 

A. All are! Our instructors are trained to show low to no impact options in every class. And all are work-at-your-own-pace. You'll be pleasantly surprised in the variety of ages and fitness levels in our classes. 

Q. I'm super nervous. 

A. We all had that first class experience. And many say they wish they would have started sooner. Don't let nerves keep you from a healthier lifestyle another day!

Q. Where are you guys located?

A. We're at 119 Main in Carbondale. It's the Osage County Chiropractic office, we share their gym space and works great! Park along the side and enter through the back.

Q. I have shoulder problems. What can I do?

A. Do what you can. We have a few that use one weight (for their "good" arm), some none at all, just go through the motions with the class- still getting a workout.

Q. Do you have childcare?

A. Unfortunately, we don't have the space for childcare. Your older child(ren) are welcome to come sit on our bench or along the walls while you workout, but they must be able to sit quietly and not disrupt class. It's a huge liability having them run on the floor while others are moving. 

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