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You! Anyone, you don't have to be a senior. This is entry-level exercise for men and women.

We'll do a little cardio, a little strength, and a little stretching. We have chairs too! All classes are 30 minutes long. Half the class we are seated.


We have equipment for you to use. Dress comfy, wear supportive shoes, bring a water.


We're at the chiropractor office in Carbondale, blue building. 119 Main. Please park along the side and rear, enter in the back.

Try your first week on us! Just show up. Then it's only $25/mo for our Mon/Wed 9am. You can grab that pass here or in class. 

Hand Weights

Strength training can help...

  • Maintain muscle tissue and strength

  • Contribute to better balance and coordination, and reduce the risk of falls

  • Preserve bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis

  • Improve sleep and reduce depression

Image by Ali Hajiluyi

Work your heart.

Keep your heart young and strong by giving it a good, regular workout. Exercise forces your heart to pump more blood around your body to your muscles and lungs. This relaxes blood vessels (over time) and makes your heart run more efficiently, both of which keep your blood pressure low.

Elderly Woman at Gym

Get social!

Being social can play a significant role in overall health as we age. Spending time with friends and family members (and your fitness family) can boost quality of life, including both physical and mental health.

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