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Are you a procrastinator?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Why do people procrastinate? Do you procrastinate?

As a high school/college student, I was on top of things. I would work ahead whenever possible, be done with whatever I could ahead of time. Loved it when the syllabus would come out. I'd start checking boxes.

I had time. I didn't have four kids. I didn't run two businesses. I didn't have a reason to put anything off. And my personality liked marking those boxes off, made me feel accomplished.

Boy do things change, don't they? Now I put off many, many things. One thing I can say I have never put off though are my workouts.

I won't bore you with the usual...blah, blah...need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others, blah, blah...

Because you know that. You simply have to make it a priority. We prioritize so many other things in life, but what about taking care of our heart? Our minds? They're kinda important.

Here are three reasons people procrastinate. Are you ready? Might be one or two that are hard to swallow...

1. People are lazy

-we don't like doing hard things

-we like to say "when it warms up, I'll..." or "when ___ happens, I'll ___."

2. People are afraid.

-we don't like change

-change costs us (friends, family, our favorite tv show, our favorite "crutch" such as alcohol or food)

-fear is a very powerful it driving you?

3. People are selfish.

-we often think..."does this benefit me?" and don't do it if not.

-I don't want to ___. It is hard. It is ___.

And here are three ways to end procrastination!

1. Stop making excuses.

-you can find a reason to not do anything

-stop looking for reasons why you can't and look for why you should

2. Magnify the consequences.

-it hurts others

-don't push things off on someone else or blame others. Take responsibility.

3. Focus on the rewards of doing it now.

-Look at the gain beyond the pain

Life is tough. But do you know what is tougher? Not being healthy. It's HARD! You must choose your hard. We have had people stop taking medication because they no longer need it...because they exercise now! We have people that tell us they forgot what they were so stressed about...because they workout and the stress just melts away.

But it takes effort. We're here. You know where to find us. But will you show up? We hope so!

Do it for yourself, but also do it for ____. Fill in the blank. Your daughter, grandson, spouse.

Take care!

BTW: This is actually last Sunday's sermon. Interesting how we can apply that to so many things in life. Topeka Baptist Church

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